COSPLAYER NATION comes to Kawaii Kon 2012

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COSPLAYER NATION comes to Kawaii Kon 2012

Postby Cosplayer Nation » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:35 pm


Cosplayer Nation (a Nationwide Documentarian project on American Cosplayers) is honored to come to Kawaii Kon 2012, and will be landing March 14th (Weds) at the Ala Moana Hotel.

We have sent our "President" and his photographer to represent Cosplayer Nation, to document as many of you Hawaiian cosplayers possible, to show our audiences on

If anyone is open to meeting up early, we please send us a message - our contact info should be in our signature and we got free internet at the hotel. We will be staying until Weds March 21st

We also are honored to present A SPECIAL SCREENING for Kawaii Kon, THIS SAT:

Cosplayer Nation Documentary
WhenSat, March 17, 4pm – 5pm
WhereRoom 311 (map)
DescriptionA work-in-progress look into "Cosplay Nation: The Documentary." Join in a brief look into the epic journey from convention to convention as they document the people and the costumes that make up today's anime convention scene.

Look forward to meeting you all 8)
Cosplayer Nation: The Documentary

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