Kawaii Kon Tabletop Gaming

Located in room 311 Ni‘ihau on the third floor of the Hawai‘i Convention Center, the Tabletop Gaming room provides a place for gamers and non-gamers to play their old-favorites or learn a new game, purchase tabletop related merchandise, or enter a tournament and win prizes.  


Tabletop Room Hours

Tabletop Gaming will be open on Fri and Sat from 10am–11pm and Sun from 10am–5pm.  

Hours are subject to change.


Tabletop Vendors

The following vendors are confirmed for Tabletop Gaming.  Additional vendors will be added as they are confirmed.


Events Schedule



Game Loans

Want to play some games, but don't have anything with you?  

Need to kill a few hours and looking for something fun to do?

The TableTop gaming room has a varied selection of games available to borrow at no additional cost.  See the TableTop staff to check out the games to loan.  If you don't know how to play the game, ask one of our staff members for a quick tutorial. 


Code of Conduct

  1. The Tabletop Gaming room is a family-friendly area.  Please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.
  2. You may bring and play games with mature content in the Tabletop Gamimg room, however, your behavior while playing the game must be approprite for a family-friendly area.  If at any time the Tabletop Gaming Staff feel you or your group are violating the family-friendly nature of the room, you may be asked to stop playing that game or to leave the room.
  3. Drinks and snacks are allowed in the Tabletop within the following guidelines.  All drinks must be in closeable containers (bottled drinks, cups with lids, etc.). Small snacks will be allowed (bags of chips or candy, crackers, etc.), but full meals should be eaten outside. The Table Top staff has final say on whether or not your food/drink is allowed in the room.
  4. Tabletop Gaming Room tables are reserved for convention attendees who are actively playing tabletop games.